If there’s anything more powerful and evocative than a strong woman staring into a camera’s lens, it’s an image of four women, linked at their arms and daring the camera to come closer. Twenty-one year old Bratislavan photographer Michal Pudelka channels the idea of tribes of women in his high-concept fashion editorials, which feature explorative young women navigating theme parks, regal penthouse suites and expanses of nature.

“I like to camouflage my opinions into the metaphors, so not everything is so obvious,” Michal told us of his approach to photography as a form of communicating. “In my recent fashion editorials I’m focusing on a concept of similarities with a differences, there are many social groups where everyone look the same or at least try to look the same, but is it really good to hide our real insides? Is it really that necessary to go with the flow?”

Amongst his portfolio of images that often border on silly or surreal are a collection of images Michal calls his “Family Photo Album“, which features shots of his best friend (and shoot producer) Katarina Gyu, and his fiancé David. “The emotions that I try to translate into my Family Photo Album are so personal that only [the] two of them can really perform it.” The work in this series allows Michal freedom he rarely indulges in otherwise, as there is no analysis of form.

In his teenage years, Michal dreamed of being a fashion designer. After picking up a camera less than two years ago, his newfound passion merged with the existing one and he began to focus on new ways of showcasing style through photography and his own personal dreams and desires.

“I’m amazed by old movies from 1920s until 1980s, the vibe of electronic sounds [in music] and poetry from young poets…My work is very reflective to me; there are no concrete extents or limits.”