Growing up in Southern California, two hours north of Los Angeles, photographer Miranda Lehman lived by the beach in a house with a pink peppercorn tree out front.

“There was another, much larger tree outside my window that housed families of doves and they would coo all day long. We had chickens as well. It was a noisy place to grow up, but very beautiful,” Lehman told Portable, and it is this freedom and sense of nostalgia that now frequents Lehman’s work. Currently based in Portland, the 27 year old who studied photography at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and film at the Northwest Film Center’s work is a study of not only the female form, but also of deep rooted emotions as well as taboo social constructs. Through her juxtaposition of nudity with flowers, or beauty with bondage, what may have been a confronting image becomes an engaging and interesting documentation of the reality of human nature.