For 25 year-old Bratislavan photographer Zuzana Mitošinkovie, the path into photography was a surprisingly instant and instinctual one.

“I was studying in Brno, Czech Republic [in 2008] and somehow I found out I wanted to be a photographer. Maybe the change of climate or different people I met had awoken it in me, or maybe it was because I watched a lot of films and the idea of capturing  enchanted me. So I started photographing. I think it is one of the best ways of expressing yourself.”

Zuzana’s approach to her craft is very subtle and spontaneous, intent on capturing delicate moments of unassuming women sleeping, exploring and interacting with animals or their surroundings.

“Girls and women always have been, and will be muses to me,” Zuzana told us when we asked why she preferred having the fairer sex in front of her camera. “A woman’s body is much more aesthetic [than a man's] and a girl’s personality is connected with gentleness, love, secrecy and that is exactly what I want to have in my photographs. Also, women and girls love being photographed.”

The wildlife element to her images transports them from impromptu snapshots to ethereal portraits. In them, girls balance owls on their forearms, cuddle rabbits (and each other) gently mount horses and wade into vast lakes (her favorite places to shoot in her hometown include Lake Cunovo and the river Danube). For Zuzana, the experiences her heroines have in nature is inherent to their humanity.

“I think that something within that relationship [between human and animal] is magical. Any animal represents a piece of nature to me and therefore I connect nature with people, as I think people should live in a harmony with nature and not damage it (like they do now).”