Phebe Rendulic’s gorgeous imagery is what dreams are made of. Transporting the viewer to the clear skies of Adelaide, South Australia, Rendulic’s photos are filled with whimsy and a sense of innocence and magic, that ensures you can’t help but smile when you look at them. With a love of all things fashion, Rendulic has honed her skills, opting to focus on stylised renditions of everyday life. The 28 year old who grew up in the coastal town of Port Lincoln undeniably draws on her small town beginnings, referencing vast landscapes and flora in her personal portfolio while her clients, which have included some of Adelaide’s best up and coming designers, are taken by her innate sense of personal style which translates to the lens.

Since moving to Adelaide to initially study Wine Marketing (“which was silly because I barely drank wine at the time, but it was a way to get out of the small town,” she told Portable), Rendulic eventually knew she wanted to get into photography so she began a three year visual arts degree at the Adelaide College of the Arts with photography being her major. Immersing herself in the strong DIY culture Adelaide represents is also part of Rendulic’s charm as a photographer, as quirks and points of difference can always be found in her work, whether it be through camera technique or her uniquely individual styling.