Born in Veliky Novgorod, one of Russia’s oldest cities, 21 year-old photographer and student Polina Washington creates gorgeous imagery inspired by “spots and spaces” she discovers. Now armed with a Nikon FM2, Washington has evolved from the wide-eyed 15 year-old who began her exploration into photography using a simple digital camera which never left her side to an artist who has finally found her niche in the fickle world of photography.

Evolving from simply taking self-portraits and straight-forward photos of her friends, Washington now blends a diverse portfolio of monochromatic imagery with hazy, colorful images focusing on feminine subjects and their naturally beautiful qualities with a stylistic emphasis on double exposure and dark undertones, shadows and speckles of light.

Inspired by natural landscapes, and the dream-like quality of literature, Washington’s unassuming youthfulness is perfectly encapsulated in her growing series of ever evolving influences engulfing the consumer in her magical adventures.