Seeking inspiration in obscure places is what many photographers have to do in order to create beautiful imagery, and very rarely are they their own muse. Rebecca Cairns is so inspired by herself and her life, that she is often the only subject in her photos, breaking this rule only when she feels a close connection with other people.

Rebecca’s photos are mostly black and white, but that does not make her work a one note wonder, with every photo being different in its play with exposures, effects, inspiration and style. Even though they are stills, Rebecca’s photos reflect motion and show something that is usually not communicated through photography. With her first experience in the darkroom at the age of 14, Rebecca is no stranger to the methods of film developing as this is a big part of her creative process.

With only one person being featured in most of Rebecca’s photos, they can seem a bit lonely. However, if the saying is true and an artists’ work reflects who the artist is, and if her photographs are an expression of herself, then Rebecca is originality, passion and beauty.