It’s hard to believe Rebekah Campbell is all of nineteen years old.

With a portfolio that’s steadily built up a expanse much further than it’s 4 years, the Oklahoma bred, Georgia-based arts student and budding photographer is quickly stepping up to the plate as one of the strongest voices in the post-Rookie definition of our teenage population. The adolescents of her photos are everything we like to remember ourselves as in those years: reckless, photogenic, individual, yet the idyllic nature of adolescence is portrayed as fleeting, a flicker in time. Her photos remind us of the best times of being a teenager, the first taint of freedom and growing into one’s skin. Against this glossy exterior, Campbell also reminds us about the things we prefer not to remember – the abstractedness and insecurity in those still-uneven bodies.

Capturing beauty has come easily to Campbell, and she’s surrounded herself with some beautiful bodies, yet her eye for fashion friendly content is the knot that ties it all together. Drawing our eye softly but surely to the central feeling of the image, Campbell gentle reminds us adolescence isn’t just a time, but an emotion, a feeling that’s all too quickly over.