Rosario Oddo‘s images span a wide variety of homes. With a love of travelling, Oddo‘s images are a natural extension of her love for the art form which she has honed for 20 years. With no professional lessons, Oddo’s work is organic and moves with the ebbs and flows that her own personal journey takes her on. Combining both film and digital works as well as portraits and landscapes in her portfolio, Oddo’s work is diverse as it is succinct, with each of her images being distinctly from her individual and simple yet sleek aesthetic.

Influenced by both her father and the iconic Annie Leibovitz, it is clear that Oddo has taken away a sense of rawness, focusing on people, things, cities, geography and more importantly the unexpectedness, rather than a calculated and planned moment. Inspired by life and its beautiful details and spontaneous moments, Portable spoke to Oddo about her deep love for the art form and how various globe trotting adventures have shaped her gorgeous portfolio.

Portable: What is your background, have you had any formal training and if so where?

Rosario Oddo: I’ve never taken any professional photography classes but I have been shooting for 20 years. Also, I have a lot of photographer friends and we love to exchange ideas and learn new things from each other.

P: When did you first become interested in photography and why?

Rosario Oddo: When I was very young and seeing my father’s photos for the first time. I loved the way he was registering our family life, then at age eight I started to shoot disposable.

P: What equipment and techniques do you use and why?

Rosario Oddo: For personal projects I always shot with film, for work I sometimes use digital, but its a language I usually don’t enjoy much to talk. I love my olym, and like to use wide angle lenses, always use the same 100 film pushed to 400. Also enjoy to play with a little collection of Olympus point and shoot I have. They are really tiny, light and useful.

P: What inspires you?

Rosario Oddo: I definitely started shooting and taking videos because of my dad, now I feel inspired with all the young ones who are experimenting with film, it’s really exiting. Seven years ago no one even gave a damn about film and now its all alive again and reigning. Thats for me a huge triumph and makes me keep shooting happy and have a sense of relief about the future of film photography and the industry. I feel inspired everywhere if i’m with someone who inspires me, or if im thinking of someone who inspires me, you can create good stuff everywhere.

P: What influences you?

Rosario Oddo: When I was a teenager I fell in love with the young Annie Leibovitz. Her first two decades shooting are awesome, crazy and amazing. My influences now are from so many people, moments and places that I can’t be concrete and put them on a few words, but maybe to say I’ve been influenced by people I have met on my trips can be a good way to explain it.

P: Your images seem to come from a wide variety of places, do you travel a lot and is that part of your aesthetic, or if so what is your focus/aesthetic?

Rosario Oddo: The past four years I have travelled a lot, and being in unknown places by my self for several months have encouraged me to learn and know about new and different people, things, cities and geography. Those trips have influenced a lot on the things I like and enjoy to do, the way I see the world. This nomad way of life its also a great possibility to find new inspiration. I have seen a big change in my work since I started travelling.

P: What has been your most memorable moment while shooting or your favorite shot?

Rosario Oddo: My favorite moment happened four years ago, it was my first subway ride in Manhattan. I put some film in my Olympus XA  and right after that a young guy took a photo of me with his same Olympus XA. I’m glad I was quick enough to capture that sick funny moment because right after he ran away and I never saw him again.

P: Your images seem very raw and candid, is that something you really focus on?

Rosario Oddo: Yes, I love real life and its beautiful details. When things aren’t spontaneous I lose inspiration. I love to be awake just looking for something.

P: You have been taking photos for a long time, where has your career taken you?

Rosario Oddo: Now Im experiencing the nice duality of working on my projects and shooting for some other peoples projects, sometimes friends, sometimes random people. It has been great to have a lot of freedom and do what I want by putting myself in different, sometimes very difficult situations. I’m learning and enjoying a lot.

P: What do you have coming up in the future or what do you aspire to?

Rosario Oddo: My aspirations now are to keep working as a freelancer on projects which combine photography and trips, and I’m starting two very cool photo documentary projects which will take me to that beautiful, spiritual state.