Ryan Enn Hughes has done amazing work for amazing people. His passion for photography dates back to his high school years where he attempted to take a photo class but wasn’t able to because his school had cancelled the program. Despite not being able to pursue his dreams in high school, by the time he entered college he knew he had his chance. Initially, Hughes was studying cinematography, with hopes that practicing with an old Canon SLR he would be able to sharpen his composition and technical skills for shooting motion pictures. Since he was not enrolled in the photography program he would check out books from the local library to learn about the technical fundamentals of photography. Some of the books had not been checked out in decades and were at a beginner level reading. Regardless, this is how he began getting hooked on taking photos.

Obsessed with mastering the technical variables of Photography, he purchased his first digital SLR. During this time RAW processing programs were released and he immediately wanted to do digital image making as well. After finishing his degree he applied and got accepted to the Eddie Adams Workshop. Hughes explained that this played a huge role in kick starting his career. Through the workshop he began working with The New York Times and Vincent Laforet on Motion Picture projects.

To this day, Hughes considers photography to be his full time job and a strict definition of one who shoots still images; “I approach motion pictures and now GIFs with the mind, training and experience of a photographer,” Hughes said.

And his experience is evident and easily seen through his work. His photographs are captivating and leave us with an exciting feeling — if only we could capture beautiful things like Hughes does!