Sean Schermerhorn’s traveling stories begin just like any other. The magnificent beauty of the world surrounding him, the people he saw, and the new experiences he indulged in captured him. He took photographs to remember his journey just like any other tourist would do.

The difference between Sean and the average traveler is that instead of making a cheesy scrapbook with stickers and jewels glued to each page with his photos, he created a wonderful hobby and continued to improve throughout his journeys. He shares his photos on Flickr and gets inspired by other members of the Flickr community. If his camera were to break during one of his adventures, he would simply buy another because it was a necessity. Sean isn’t your everyday traveler looking to make memories into a book; he is a traveler who becomes inspired by new subjects and locations.

In 2008 Sean embarked on a trip from Istanbul, Turkey to Prague through the Balkans. He was only eighteen at the time and had a “shitty point and shoot digital ‘coolpix’ or something of the sort,” he explains. He describes being in a foreign landscape as something he became obsessed with and clicked the button of his camera as if it was his “life’s blood.”

Sean had caught the travel bug. In 2010 he purchased a one-way ticket to Bucharest and spent six weeks in Bulgaria and then traveled onto Kyiv, Ukraine. He decided to invest in a better quality digital camera for this trip. His photographs included images of children drinking beer, to grandmothers, to new friends.

Once again in 2011 Sean decided to go on a nine-week “camping-hitch-hiking trip” from Kyiv to Berlin through the Balkans once again. He decided to sell his previous digital camera and purchased a Canon Point for $2. When that camera broke near Belgrade, Serbia he purchased a 35mm and used it for the rest of the trip.

With images featuring subjects from all of the world including villagers, post-soviet, citizens, socialist-era citizens, architecture, children, youth, strangers, lovers and friends, Sean has captured a lot.

Currently working on two books one based on his camping/hitchhiking trip through Eastern Europe and another about two weeks he spent hitchhiking, Sean still makes time for his favorite hobby. He is still uploading photos on Flickr on a “semi-regular basis” and will continue to capture the world around him.