Growing up in Serbia, photographer Momčilo Popov learned from an early age to play with escapism . Capturing his surroundings in a whimsical way, he transports the viewer straight into his world of vibrant colors, fairytale landscapes and swirling compositions. Although he describes his photos as “a way of stopping time,” the imagery contained is something wonderfully removed from a reality we know, far from the ordinary world.

This lack of ordinary is the guiding force behind Popov’s work, whether intentional or not. There’s a sense of childlike wonder Popov has for his surroundings; idyllic open fields, blood red roses and a swirling palette of candy colored lights make us feel as if we’re reading a storybook on some wondrous fantasy landscape instead of someone’s homeland. Serbia is a place too little seen in our public consciousness, and it’s always refreshing to see artists exploring their homeland surroundings to show us something different and unique in the world. If you haven’t ever thought of traveling to Serbia, consider Popov your personal salesman – if the real surroundings are anything like his images, some heartbreakingly beautiful places await you.