Stefany Alves claims to be ‘just another blogger’. Still, I’d argue that she sells herself somewhat short in this sentiment; there’s a uniqueness to her photography and style that manages to shine far above the sea of other young bloggers sharing their thoughts via the wonders of the World Wide Web. It’s not that she’s better, or bigger or more profound… in fact it’s quite the opposite, in the nicest possible way. It feels like her photographs are for herself, and so void of worries about what other people think. They are a window onto her life, and she is able to encapsulate her very personal feelings and likes in such a charming, innocent way. It doesn’t feel likes she’s pretending at all, and yet is so beautifully hypnotising. You’ll find yourself scrolling through page after page of her work just as if it’s page after page of a good novel. It’s exactly what blogging SHOULD be.

Many of her pictures are self-portraits, and although her face is habitually hidden, after peering at just a few images you’ll already feel like you’re getting to know her.

Other than herself, Stefany’s subjects are the things around her; kittens, vintage crockery, milky tea, long skirts, typewriters, strawberries and cream, unmade beds, ukuleles, lacy collars and green fields. So pretty much just everything lovely and nostalgic you can ever imagine. It’s couldn’t be sweeter.

Her work is sugary but also brutally candid and even the least inquisitive of beings could find themselves easily entrapped in her world. I’m sure we can expect wonderful things to come for this young photographer, who’s still studying as well as branching out into other creative pursuits such as poetry and illustration.

We recently had a chat with her about her favorite blogs, biggest challenges and why she decided to share her very personal work.