P: What inspires you the most? Would you say that your Japanese roots play a major role?

Takeshi Suga: Nostalgia, sentimentality, euphoria and loneliness inspire me most. Since I grew up in Japan immersing myself in both Japanese and European cultures and eventually spent more than 3 years in the UK, I guess I have a hybrid of both Japanese and European aesthetics in my work. But, of course, my Japanese roots play a major role in whatever I do.

P: The photos you sent us have tons of fun colors in them but you describe your work as melancholy — would you say that your work contains a mixture of both?

Takeshi Suga: Yes. I believe it’s this mixture that characterizes my work. I love pop music with haunting melody, which deals with life’s sufferings. I dislike anything that has no hope at all though. Hope is important, as is pop.