Takeshi Suga is a Japanese photographer currently based in Kobe, Japan. Previously working in Glasgow and shooting predominantly for NME, Suga’s work has spanned a wide variety of genre for the likes of artists such as Mogwai, Frank Turner and The Wombats, and while shooting musicians is a love of his, his work usually encompasses feelings of nostalgia, sentimentality, euphoria and loneliness resulting in hazy, washed out imagery transporting the consumer to a mystical Eastern paradise. Suga explains, “These feelings dominate me when I photograph. My work is emotion-driven. A concept interests me but it doesn’t stir me. On a good sunny day, I bake my bittersweet fairytales with tears in my eyes. I seek comfort and tranquility in my subjects.”

Having exhibited in Glasgow, Barcelona, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Berlin, Osaka and Madrid, Suga is looking forward to exhibitions in Osaka and London. In London, Suga will be taking part in a collaborative exhibition, I Scream Factory. The project, which began at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins college in 2010, is the brainchild of Austrian-born ice cream lover and creative project manager Alexandra Plesner. The multi-sensory creation stems from Plesner’s family heritage which has roots in the world of frozen delights. I Scream Factory aims to highlight that “ice cream is not simply the frozen confection that artfully infused its culinary history with an enduring dash of romance, it is also a striking metaphor for life’s fragility.”

Joining artists such as Melanie Galea, Nadia Sarwar, Sara Mautone, Ting Chen and Maxim Emelyanov, Suga’s series explores “the perceptions of life through the medium of ice cream by delving into the metaphoric possibilities of the product,” and has “blurred the boundary between reality and fantasy and touched on the evanescence of ice cream in a Japanese context.”