As a band whose images are some of the most recognisable—from the street-crossing at Abbey Road and the early days of matching suits, to the ‘Sgt. Pepper’ cover and the body language cries for Help!—we thought we had seen all there was to see from the Beatles.

Bob Bonis and Larry Marion are proving us wrong, though, with their new book The Lost Beatles Photographs. Filled with candid pictures shot by Bonis, who was the tour manager on the band’s US shows in 1964, ’65 and ’66, the book is a look at the years before their hair grew long and their lives became increasingly more disparate.

Marion, the owner of New York’s Not Fade Away Gallery who spent childhood holidays visiting Strawberry Fields and John Lennon’s childhood home, also curated the 2009 exhibit The British Are Coming: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones 1964-66 and is a trusted source on the band whose casual and intimate moments are on display here.

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