Despite being taken all over the world, the pictures created by 23 year-old photographer David Montes Fernández never once venture into tourist territory. Forget awkward, static images of backpack-wearers grimacing outside landmarks—his personal shots of friends and family are natural and show them absorbing the places to which they have travelled. When taking pictures, David tells us, he seeks out “the perfect harmony between the subject and the place.”

The Spanish Advertising student first became interested in photography when he was very young, taking pictures and videos of his sister playfully posing like a model, but became engrossed in the art at the same time he caught the travel bug, and the two have been inextricably linked ever since.

“For me photography means travel, new landscapes and beautiful places to see. It is part of my life. I’m obssesed with making trips and getting pictures of every new place I see.”