We have a saying here at Portable, and it goes: “Collages are the new .gifs.” That being the case, we commissioned the amazing artist Sebastian Ospina of Underball Project to create a collage for us inspired by film noir and the inimitable Barbara Stanwyck. What he produced is simply beautiful, mixing collage with illustration to capture the mood of the femme fatale. We spoke to him about his work and about his exclusive creation for Portable, which you can download in hi res for your decorative and viewing pleasure (can anyone say “desktop background”?).

Portable: When did you start using collage as a creative format, and what led you to combine collage with illustration?
Sebastian Ospina: I started working with collage as a form of expression around 3 years ago, in a moment of experimentation and creativity in my work, when I changed from crafts into advertising. It was just the time when I found clipping as a way of composing and founding inspiration. After a while I wanted to change my work, because the vast majority was digital, so I saw the opportunity to create a series of collages by hand, using resources from magazines and photos amongst others. Then i complemented the work with sketching.

P: How do collage and illustration compliment each other as art forms? What are the challenges of combining the two?
Sebastian Ospina:
In my work this 2 techniques complement each other very well. AS they allow me to create and compose different spaces. Mi biggest challenge is that at the end the composition is calibrated, clean and aesthetic.

Where do you find the images you use in your collages?
Sebastian Ospina:
From beauty and fashion magazines from the 60′s and 70′s that I find in small markets and fairs around town.

What is your main inspiration when collaging?
Sebastian Ospina:
In general, and in a certain way, everything inspires me. The street, music, my mood, even the magazine clippings.

What does your art express about you, or about this cultural moment?
Sebastian Ospina:
Each piece has a different feeling or thought about it. My compositions express my mood and what I’m feeling at every moment.

Tell us a little bit about the process of making this collage for Portable.
Sebastian Ospina:
To begin with, it was very important knowing more about Barbara Stanwyck, star of my collages. I want to outline her more important movies and roles, where she played a “Femme Fatale”. That’s how I started the process of choosing the images, clipping and gluing them together. Creating different sketches that form the final piece.

Download a hi res version of Underball.art’s collage for your desktop HERE.