Unless you’re a member of the Jolie-Pitt brood, photographer Jeff Yiu has probably seen more of the world than you, and has the photos to prove it. With a portfolio of work that spans several continents, Yiu has managed to capture the faces and moments of life in New York, Tokyo and London, that otherwise go unseen.

Since moving to Sydney from Hong Kong at age 10, Yiu admittedly didn’t express much interest in photography, but had always enjoyed pictures and drawing. With a business degree in marketing and e-commerce, Yiu viewed photographs in relation to technology and consumer behavior. However, it was after graduating from university and meeting American photographer Steven Gerlich while backpacking through Europe that Yiu “started to look at photography with more interest.”

“We got to hang out while I was in Berlin and he took a look through some of the photos from my travels that I had taken on my mom’s camera,” Yiu said. “He suggested I learn more about photography and taught me how to use his Hasselblad to shoot manually, which really got me intrigued with how light and the camera works.”

It takes a true artistic eye to spot the extraordinary within the ordinary, and Yiu has done just that. We spoke to the Beijing-based photographer about his work, his inspirations and his travels around the world.