Valentina Castro is a 26-year-old Venezuelan photographer whose passion for the craft began when a friend lent her his camera for the sake of a film-developing course. After quickly falling “in love with the process of analogue photography” and moving to Barcelona to study liberal arts, she began a degree in photography and has produced incredibly delicate and quiet pictures that create an enormous sense of intimacy.

Valentina’s use of light is particularly captivating, capturing slivers of sunlight trickling down a freckled back, over shoulders and across her loved ones’ bodies as they lay happily outdoors.

“I have a bit of an obsession, especially with natural light,” she told us. “What fascinates me about it is the contrast that it gives to colors, how colors get vivid, how shapes change. Everything is alive when there is a beautiful light and places become different. Light is like a magnet to me, whenever I see it, everything around gets interesting.”

Amidst her portfolio is a series Valentina began when visiting friends in Berlin. She fell instantly in love with the city—so much so that she plans to move there next year when she has completed her studies—a feeling that is apparent in her work.

“You can’t really say it is a “pretty” city, but it is so interesting,” Valentina tells us of the German city. “I love that you go there and you can see the history, you can see how it was; they didn’t delete their past, they live with it. There is art everywhere and you can feel freedom, everyone lives the way they want without bothering the rest of the people.”