Paris is a city of many layers, meaning something different to each stranger who dares to flirt with its snake-like streets. While the surface is swarming with obnoxious tourists who dart around on sightseeing tour buses in their baby pink berets, there exists a veiled side to the city that molds to the eye of the beholder.

Enter VuThéara Kham, an iPhonographer who began Instagraming photos of Paris in February 2011. His flair for capturing lifeʼs candid moments – be it a marriage proposal under the Pont de la Tournelle, or a double rainbow from the top of the Arc de Triomphe – may be the reason heʼs acquired over 158,000 followers. More likely, however, it is Khamʼs idiosyncratic perspective of the city, embodying the heart of Paris while also allowing his viewers a glimpse into his own. Blending reflections, moving lines and framing, Khamʼs images posses a pinch of ethereality, a dash of romanticism and a whole lot of soul.