If there’s been a steady pileup of attractive individuals on your Tumblr feed lately, you can put some money down that Yann Faucher has had a hand in it. Faucher has staked his claim on finding unique personalities to capture in a still frame of a moment. Wandering the world with an eye out for most interesting new faces and armed with a dreamy 35mm film medium, he is steadily building a collection that’s better looking (and far more interesting) than another round of washed out Top Model contestants.

In his short life, Faucher has been many things; a model, holder of a PhD Physics doctorate, French expatriate and now, photographer. But tellingly, he describes himself first and foremost as a listener. Perhaps it’s this quiet focus towards the smallest intimacies that elevates Faucher’s images to what feels like a deeply personal collection, shared with you in a moment of quiet confidence, than the harsh glare of another bored, airbrushed supermodel. Faucher has slowly and surely developed his own style, and it comes in the form of a highly personal, deeply natural sensibility that we can’t help but want to reach out and hold close to us.

We asked Yann to pick out some of his favourite portraits to date, and also spoke with him about his unique method of finding models, and why the best photography should act like medicine.