I’ve come to realize that I stalk down sidewalks on the daily. I’m usually in a hurry (aren’t we all?) and have to be there right-this-instant-so-mothers-pushing-strollers-3-abreast-you-better-swerve-because-I’m-not-edging-around-you. When I’m feeling particularly empowered, I strut. Not a model catwalk kind of strut, but a straight up Everybody! Come And See How Good I Look strut.

There’s something about a certain song that prompts one to strut. Maybe it’s the bass bumping through your chest, or the lyrics proclaiming independent woman status, or maybe it just makes you smile. Whatever the reason, these are just a few songs that will make you, whether you want to or not, strut your ass down the street. Caution: Singing while strutting may definitely lead to inquisitive stares.

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