“Get rid of the freakin’ robot!”

What sounds like the opening to a wacky science fiction comedy is actually a protest from a suburban wife to her husband in relation to his other wife – an always smiling, constantly disco dancing cutie pie – who is also a robot, designed to entertain or provide companionship to her husband.

There is nothing particularly sinister or explicit about this clip, which is similar to Here We Go Magic’s sunny electronic melodies, it’s use of repeated rhythms, imagery and movements. But by excluding a darker side to this little fable it highlights the wistful and lonely voice of the narrator in the song, the subdued sadness he feels as he views his lover from the outside looking in.

Although you could criticize it as just an issue of a man who is lucky to have two banging wives – one a Knowles sister lookalike and one that jumped straight out of an American Apparel catalogue (albeit with more clothes on), under the beautiful colour palette there’s a quiet loneliness when paired with songwriter Luke Temple’s quiet questions.

As Temple asks, “How do I know, if I know you?” we watch the man reach out to both his loves, unable to connect either through physical interaction (one is in a wheelchair) or through emotional contact (the robots face never changes, always frozen in a blank smile). Sure, he has two babes around for his everyday companionship, but neither really connect with him. The only time he seems happy is whilst dancing, a wry smile on his wrinkled face.