New Look, a pop duo from Canada, are on the brink of the release of their debut album and already they’re making the biggest of waves.  Consisting of Sarah Ruba, an ex model with a heavenly voice and the way too multi-talented producer Adam Pavao, we’re damn sure that they’re about to become everyone’s number one crushes soon.

The video for their first single The Ballad just dropped and it’s been on replay around here all day. Directed by Australian fashion photographer and filmmaker Will Davidson, whose clients include (get ready to drool) Burberry, Calvin Klein, Levis and Topman, the video is like a crazy, psyche trip that holds you gently and whispers sweet nothings into your ear. With Sarah Ruba Double-Vision, smoke, magic and one dark road, how can they lose? Now, y’all better brace yourselves ‘cos these guys are about to blow you out of the water.

The Ballad is out soon on !K7 Records.