Oh, sure, it’s good being a hugely successful rock band. I’m sure most of us would trade in our unworthy existences for a life of platinum albums, awards show bar tabs and private jets. But even if you’re swimming in cash from movie soundtracks and amp endorsement deals, you just can’t trade it in for the one currency that truly matters in music—fans. We don’t mean your “heard the single in the latest ep of Grey’s Anatomy and bought it from the iTunes store” fans, either—we mean the true believers, borderline stalking you on the festival circuit, carving your lyrics into their arms and debating for hours on the merits of various studio rehearsal bootlegs. Being widely popular is one thing, but being a cult band, a band with a smaller yet way more devoted following, is another thing entirely. In this Portable Guide to Starting a Cult Band, we give you five key tips to starting your own (insert band name here)-mania.