It is pretty safe to say that most people have heard “Wonderwall” at some point in their life. During the closing ceremony of the Olympics, it was played by Beady Eye, the band of former Oasis member Liam Gallagher. What was missing from the performance was Noel Gallagher, brother of Liam, Oasis guitarist and writer of most of the band’s classic hits. The ceremony marked the first time that Liam performed the song live since the band’s 2009 breakup, and it seems to have given other musicians the OK to start covering Oasis songs and even butchering the mastery of the song (One Direction we’re looking at you).

Noel, unlike Liam, has been performing Oasis songs for a while and as the author has expressed that he alone has the rights to perform some of the band’s hits. With both Gallagher brothers performing the songs of Oasis again and raising our hopes of a reunion we are taking a look at some of Oasis greatest hit videos and exploring the iconic Brit band.

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