Exaggerated cartoon cleavage is a guilty pleasure. It’s not live action so it’s not technically pornography, but it’s titillatingly close enough to real life to count for something. Luckily for us, the shady people behind Adult Swim share the fascination enough to want to produce a music video full of it for Texan group Neon Indian‘s song Fallout.

Animated and directed by Lilfuchs, this clip plays out something like what might happen if Robert Crumb got hold of Jem & The Holograms. A voluptuous pink haired woman in an equally pink sports car pulls into a backwater petrol pump and four gob-smacked mechanics gladly service her car. The visuals are definitely 80s inspired and alternate between surreal swirls of color and movement and more realistic action sequences.

There is no limit to the amount of sexual innuendo embedded in this clip. The exaggerated cleavage is the obvious choice, but there is more than one reference to ejaculation besides. It is deliciously dirty and definitely not for the more prudish out there.

Neon Indian are touring from February through to May this year, hitting up Australia on the way and covering most of the US and Canada as well. For dates, go here.