Alabama Shakes is a simple band with simple tastes. Their video for “I Ain’t the Same” is wonderfully understated and allows their soulful sound to take center stage. Many new bands make the mistake of going for gimmicks and convoluted plots in their videos (looking at you, Two Door Cinema Club), which forces their music to stand aside for the grandeur of the video. These guys realize they’re still newbies, and choose to share their music in a humble and modest way instead. Filmed with warm, moody lighting and a handheld camera style, this video says, “Sorry we don’t have confetti or backup dancers, we’re too busy sounding awesome.”

Lead singer Brittany Howard’s vocals rip forth from behind a pair of dark sunglasses, balanced by cool chords and measured drums for a sound that demands to be heard. The intimate aesthetic of the video invites viewers to see the band at their best, and makes you feel as if you’re in your friends’ basement watching them rehearse for a gig.

Taking part in the return of bluesy rock ‘n roll with bands like The Black Keys and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Alabama Shakes is a strong contender for one the best new bands of 2012. After watching the video, it’s easy to see why.