Indie “it” girl Amanda Palmer is known for making waves with her unconventional approach to music production. The former Dresden Doll mobilised fans through Twitter and blog posts to support her kickstarter campaign and fund production of her latest album  Theatre Is Evil. It is the most successful kickstarter music project to date. An inspiration to DIY muscians all over the globe, Amanda “Fucking” Palmer is all anyone’s talking about.

“Killing Type”, the album’s feature track, is a creative surprise with it’s catchy, dark tones. Palmer’s simple guitar strumming and strong vocals evoke the likes of Joy Division and she’s made a clean break from her Dresden Dolls cabaret-style performances.

The song will be a hit and Palmer knows it. When blogging about the process of writing she said:

it sounded catchy.
like a song i’d heard before.
that’s always when i know it’s a good song

The video itself, however, lacks the depth of her vocal performance. While Palmer may be an unconventional musician, it is actually quite a predictable music video.

Directed by Tim Pope, it features Palmer and her band, The Grand Theatre Orchestra, dressed in white and playing their instruments against a stark white background. What follows is a bloody violent mess as Palmer and her white clad band get covered in the red stuff. While it’s visually striking it’s a very blatant in its delivery and doesn’t live up to the music she’s making.