ODDSAC TRAILER from swissdots on YouTube

A band renowned for their unique, experimental approach to music, Animal Collective have spent the past four years working on ODDSAC– “a visual album” (or, as we common folk might call it, “a 54-minute music video”). In an attempt to recreate what someone might imagine while listening to their records, the band has again recruited Philadelphia filmmaker Danny Perez, who was responsible for the band’s Who Could Win a Rabbit? and Summertime Clothes videos, and whose work clearly echoes the visual sensibilities of the group.

Since premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, ODDSAC has toured Europe and North America in one-off screenings. For fans who may have missed it, the DVD will be released on July 27. Be warned, though: the band have dubbed the film “the most experimental stuff we’ve ever done.” And that’s saying something.