Thanks in part to the cruddy NYC weather, and the upcoming release of the fourth Scream film, Portable feels up for some bad horror movie action today—or at least a new music video that pays homage to the best of scary movie cliches. In the spirit of compromise, we offer to you breakout Miami band ANR’s new video for Big Problem.

As you can probably ascertain from the Michael Myers synth-line in the video’s opening seconds, pineapple isn’t the only thing being carved today. Recently screened to acclaim at Miami’s Borscht Film Festival, this Lucas Leyva-directed video turns up the heat with make-outs, brothel-red lighting, and heavy-duty slasher flick references. The band sets the mood with an urgent, sexed-up electro beat and lyrics that spell out impending doom for any Neve Campbell wannabe out there. If you like Passion Pit, MGMT and fake blood, this is right up your alley.

ANR’s latest album ‘Stay Kids’ is currently available on 10K Islands Records.

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