Young love is known for being unpredictable, and in their video for “Symptoms,” Atlas Genius show just how unstable relationships can be, even when those involved still have a lot to learn. Directed by Claire Marie Vogel, the music video for “Symptoms” is colorful, bright and youthful, but it has a dark story.

The music video starts off with what seems like a breakup, where the giving back of a special little item takes place. The news seems to hit the young boy in the relationship pretty hard, as he falls down from the shock. From the breakup, the video follows the boy in his sleep and dreams, as he thinks of his girl and realizes that she was giving him a message.

During the entire video we see the boy running, but it is not until the camera gets a shot of the girl about to enter the sea that the viewer is able to understand what is going on. From this point on, the boy becomes more and more desperate to reach the girl before she does something drastic.