When it comes to Sexy Time music, many people like to set the mood with something smooth, modern and relatively upbeat. Something from the hippity-hoppity brigade (credit to Stephen Fry) perhaps, or an intricately-assembled playlist filled with raunchy rock numbers – all guaranteed to impress and bursting with suggestive lyrics.

But are we limiting ourselves in how we make this selection? Our choices can often make or break the experience entirely, and I’ll fully admit to feeling the weight of that responsibility on my lustful, socially-inept shoulders. Nobody wants to hear Celine Dion‘s voice warbling in the background while they make their move – not even her fans. Celine Dion aside (always aside), are we doing ourselves a disservice in this regard by ignoring a significant chunk of music history – music which our ancestors may very well have grinded to?

The truth is that classical music can be sexy. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of sexy moods and the classical pieces which, in my humblest of opinions, would add that extra spice to the occasion. Ignore the raised eyebrows, throw caution to the wind, and toss some of these gems onto that playlist!

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