The folks over at Into The Woods seem to have taken the term ‘underground’ a little too literally. This channel—dedicated to the music makers of the Pacific Northwest—invited Denver-based band Gauntlet Hair to play their song Lights Out under a bridge for them somewhere in Portland for their ‘Far From Home‘ series.

Director Matthew Gamlen and writer Matt Stangel tell the story that the initial location fell through and so this under-the-freeway business was a quick little solution to the situation. Until the cops showed up and gave them half an hour to film and then get out of town. Luckily for us, this video has not suffered at all with the filming restriction. In actual fact the setting sun provides the perfect kind of light to play in, giving a great earthy texture to the whole piece. It is  so visceral that you can even see the dust on lead singer Andy R’s glasses.

ITW may be on to a real winner here. They could turn this under the bridge thing into a series unto itself, pissing off traffic cops along the way and injecting some much needing indie loving to the underside of monstrous concrete structures.

Gauntlet Hair are playing across the US in April and May, check the dates here.

via consequence of sound.