Home movies usually have only two uses; they are either broadcast to the nation on really cheesy shows about painful injuries received around the home or they are accidentally taped over because the latest episode of NCIS is infinitely more important than happy childhood memories.

Brooklyn-based band Beach Fossils have found a much nicer use for their home movies. They’ve made them into a snappy three and a half minute music video for their latest single Shallow. Captured by lead singer Dustin Payseur with tour footage from Ian Perlman, this video is a great insight into the lives of the Fossils boys on the road. We see them eating, drinking, sleeping, somersaulting and doing Irish jigs. They also make some furry friends along the way.

We do also rather enjoy the odd moments of homoerotica on stage or back in their dodgy hotel rooms. The main images are superimposed over a series of close ups, either of flowers, ropes or anything else with a key texture. The resulting composite imagery adds a depth to the video, and the final scene where Perlman is stuck in the crowd is truly beautiful, filmic moment.

Beach Fossils are expecting to release a new album through Captured Tracks later this year.