Beck’s Vier Music Inspired Art with DJ Cheeba from Outside Line on Vimeo.

It’s no secret that beer companies have ridiculous budgets for advertising campaigns. And while this particular project by Beck’s Veir is interesting in the way that it explores interactive sound installation design co-ordinated by UK digital agency Outside Line, it is still blatantly a big beer ad. This collaboration with DJ Cheeba involves the man wikki-wikki-ing with Beck’s beer taps in order to trigger audio samples and lighting effects across a grid of 600 LED-lit Beck’s bottles, and, of course, the day’s hard work is rewarded by a cool refreshing, creative, innovative pint of BECK’S VEIR! BECK’S VEIR! BECK’S BECK’S BECK’S! DID WE MENTION YOU SHOULD PROBABLY DRINK BECK’S VEIR? Just jokes.