The stop-motion process may be a gruelling one, but boy do the team behind the latest Mutemath clip for the song Blood Pressure make it look like the best time of your life. Throwing drum kits, jumping on trampolines, and deliberately flinging themselves onto strategically placed mattresses—the boys inspire more than a few out-loud chuckles as you watch them play their way through the production process.

It’s pretty hard not to love these dudes. While the darkness that surrounds the set eases slowly into light, the boys show no signs of exhaustion or willingness to call it quits, until they finally collapse into a heap of instruments, limbs and confetti for the finale. Directors Claire Vogel and Darren King (a fellow who, coincidentally, moonlights as the drummer for Mutemath) spent less than 24 hours shooting the clip in the Warner Brothers Records’ parking lot with an innovative method of stop-motion.

“It’s not traditional stop motion, which is done using still images,” Vogel tells us in this Portable exclusive, “but instead made from moving video. This adds a kind of chaotic, jump cut feeling to the stop motion. As the guys were leaving for tour the following afternoon, we only had that single day to develop, produce and shoot this entire video. We spent the day writing out ideas we thought would be the most unusual looking with this style of stop motion. We began shooting on the record labels parking lot around 10pm and as you can see at the end of the video, we finished as the sun came up. We pulled off most of it without much more than a couple mattresses, confetti blasters and some aerobic trampolines. And of course Darren’s awesome editing job makes all of those tricks come to life.”