BEN FROST on Rush TV on YouTube

At first glance, the mish-mash of pop culture, advertising and graffiti elements that make up Sydney artist Ben Frost’s signature style can appear haphazard and chaotic. But that’s exactly how Frost wants it to feel.

In actual fact, each of his acrylic canvases are a critique of the bombardment of advertising we encounter every day, inspired by the time he spent in Japan where every inch of public space was used to advertise products or services in a language Frost couldn’t decipher.

Despite the confronting nature of many of his vibrant works – it’s not unusual to see perverted versions of Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald or Hello Kitty depicted in the same collage alongside sexually explicit images or anarchist messages – the public are quick to embrace each new series Frost creates, allowing him to live the artistic dream and survive off the profits of his work.