Yearning for the summer? Sheffield garage-poppers Best Friends practice what sterling chums do best: hang out, drink some beers and (if you and your acquaintances happen to be so musically-inclined), rock out.

Shot on a shaky handheld camera with a nostalgia-inducing ‘90s date stamp, the new clip for “Break My Neck”, off the Throwing Up EP, is rambunctious and raucous and fun. It reeks of summer days and cavalier alcohol and meat consumption. The music is on line with the aesthetic of the clip: raw and exciting, full of unbridled joy.

The lyrics, sung with vigour by beanie-clad lead singer, are punctuated with enthused ‘woohoos’. You may want to sing along. The kids are hipster and there is a fixie bike present amongst the white plastic chairs. Amidst the smoke from chargrilled animal, there are dancing youth throwing food. As the song (and afternoon) come to a slow close, there is guitar baseball and even more food fights.

Best Friends are always the most fun.

via comeintoland.