Iceland, Iceland, Iceland. Land of…well, ice. Not just ice of course; there are volcanoes, rivers, Nordic history and the most awesome musical heritage this side of Europe. To true connoisseurs of fine music, Iceland means one thing: Bjork.

While most of us children of the 90s probably got to know Bjork through that dress and her shamelessly fun musical spectacular It’s Oh So Quiet, Bjork’s musical credentials span back to the 1970s and extend up to the present day.

In honor of her New York residency—during which she set up a three-week educational program at the New York Hall of Science and planned a series of ten shows—Portable presents Bjork Through The Ages, a musical and visual ode to the woman of substance, style and swan dresses.

If you’re quick, you can catch her last three shows at the Roseland Ballroom on the 2 and 5 March. Check here for details.