New York based kitschy electo-pop band Blood Orange and Stylist/GIF Queen Hayley Wollens come together for a collaboration with this very hypnotic music video. Blood Orange is the new project from Devonté Hynes, former Lightspeed Champion and his new track called “Champagne Coast” could easily be your loop song in your music player for the rest of the week.

The aesthetics of the music video are a mashup between ‘Second Life’ and 90s videogames, Photoshop collage of interior design magazines and the opening title sequence of Saved By The Bell. All of this becomes the perfect visual representation for the track “Champagne Coast”. As Hynes explained recently in an interview:

“The song, as with every other piece of music I seem to make, is mostly about longing, creating scenarios in regards to an unrequited lover, plans that will never see fruition. So you’re left alone in your digitally created interior to dance by yourself.”

The scenarios Hynes mentions, are generated through mixed media of paper-cut-outs from old interior design magazines and video. It’s like a stylized version of ‘Second Life’. With vintage designer furniture, music posters, Ed Ruscha artwork and girls dressed in Gaultier clothes, the video is surreal and weird but looks really amazing. “Champagne Coast” not only looks good but is also a well deserved tribute to all those lonely hours some of us have spent alone, dancing in front of our bedroom mirror.

In a recent interview, director Hayley Wollens explained she found herself in this bedroom-dancing situation while listening to “Champagne Coast”. She thought there was something sexy and intriguing about it, so she decided to represent this in the video. We agree that there is something special about bedroom dancing, but you really need to find the perfect track to make it happen; like “Champagne Coast” by Blood Orange, for example.

[via Stereogum]