(Video is NSFW for a delightful excess of streaking.)

If you thought Matt and Kim had balls for streaking through Times Square two years ago, wait until you see the dozens of 20-somethings running naked through the streets of Toronto. For their single Who’s In Control, Brighton, UK indie-rock band British Sea Power have expertly meshed footage of the G20 summit riots in Toronto with naked partying and subsequent equally-naked urban-marathoning. Yes, we’ve been on a nude streak lately (pun intended)… must be some weird Spring solstice/planet alignment thing.

Directors Bajir Cannon and Bridget Palardy are the masterminds behind this fiery video, and their pedigrees run the gamut from music videos and commercials to non-fiction shorts and fashion films. The directors used protest footage sent in by BSP fans (very cool), which is followed by some seriously-debauched party-moments and a burning Justin Bieber effigy thrown in for good measure. What about the music, you ask? Taut and distortion-heavy, with a strong, pissed off anti-authoritarian bent. Pretty awesome, as per usual with these blokes.

British Sea Power’s latest album, ‘Valhalla Dancehall,’ is currently available on Rough Trade Records.

image courtesy of www.mackenzieland.com