At first listen, we were surprised to hear Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new tune Terrible Angels, as it sees the chanteuse experimenting with something we never thought she would: electro-rock beats. The brooding and electric tune is the first release and title track from her forthcoming EP, which sees her collaborating with Beck for the first time since her 2009 release ‘IRM’.

The Nathalie Canguilhem-directed video for Terrible Angels sees Gainsbourg flipping her trademark bangs back and forth in an abandoned parking lot with a collection of similarly-clad doppelgangers. Her usually-elegant limbs are thrust about with expressive dance moves in a decidedly moody manner, striking out against her invisible rivals in a desolate and depressing environment. With the almost monochromatic setting and subtly sinister content—as well as the lack of lip-synching—Gainsbourg’s new clip reads almost like a hallucination or a psychotic nightmare; the clip suggests an intangibility of reality, which sends her into a downward spiral that culminates in fatality, echoing the moroseness of Antichrist, and surely cementing this clip a place in the “deliciously strange” category.

The tune presents a darker side to the indie darling, and we’re interested to see if this brooding tone translates over the entire EP, which is set for release on September 6.