We love director AG Rojas. There. We’ve said it. Someone fund the man to make a feature length film already. The new single from Congorock, “Ivory”, is ample evidence that Rojas’s creative skills are chomping at the bit and for all the glory that YouTube’s dinky little videos bring, this shit needs a cinema screen.

“Ivory” follows the story of a teenager with blonde dreadlocks and a slight substance abuse problem through one day of his life. We see him at home, wandering the streets, making out with a cute girl and getting into some amount of trouble with a man in the back of an SUV. This boy — just like other actors featured in Rojas’s work — is underworld and otherworldly at the same time.

I only have one complaint. My laptop screen is not big enough to take it all in. The locale is stunning and the change in light quality from daytime to dusk imparts a tarnished beauty to the boy as he is fleeing. There is something of a discrepancy between the feel of the clip and the kind of music however — while the dynamism of filming is one attempt at overcoming it, there is perhaps only so much you can do with electronica without reverting to pulsating colours and references to space travel.

Congorock is playing shows across Europe in May. For dates, check here.

[via Spinner RPM]