Hell hath no fury like an elementary classroom full of bored, under-stimulated kids. The new video for the song Bizness, from acclaimed indie-popster tUnE-YarDs (aka Merrill Garbus), is testament to this fact. The video begins with a room full of listless pipsqueaks, and quickly shifts to a fierce brigade of half-pints staging a dance-party coup on the floor and their desks.

Directed by filmmaker and stage performer Mimi Cave, along with the Little Cave of Wonders production company, the jittery, colorful video takes us from the classroom to a colorful performance space, where cultishly-dressed grown-ups in facepaint engage in some jerky, Elaine-from-Seinfeld-style dance moves. It’s not entirely surprising to learn that this band hails from O-town. Peculiar dancing aside, the tune is relentlessly catchy, and the soul-inflected vocals of Garbus take definite queues from Afrobeat music (not unlike this totally-not-famous NYC band).

tUnE-YarDs’ upcoming album ‘W H O K I L L’ will be available April 19th on 4AD Records.

image courtesy of http://theironymagnet.blogspot.com