With his unique blend of beat poetry and electronic melodies, Australian musician Chet Faker has spent the past year gaining ground in his home country, though it’s clear Faker has set his sights on a worldwide conquest, fitting in somewhere between contemporary favorites such as The XX and Frank Ocean. And within that ‘somewhere between’ universe sits his latest music video, “I’m Into You”, hanging delicately between the physical world and the supernatural.

For the video, Faker collaborated with Melbourne filmmaker Josh McKie, who was responsible for his first music video for last year’s “Terms and Conditions”. McKie shot the clip throughout a stint in Hong Kong, capturing the unique beauty of the cityscapes alongside a fragmented love story of a girl trying to find someone she lost, or possibly just hasn’t met yet. McKie guides us through the glossy high rises and gritty underbelly of Hong Kong, flitting around his leading lady whilst keeping at a careful distance. As she wanders the streets, lingers near the harbor or sits among friends in a crowded cafe, we too become the guest to this world; the traveller, wandering this unknown world and trying to make sense of this new place presented to us.

With a background in cinematography, it’s suprising McKie eschewed the often showy nature of music video cinematography for a simple, stop motion style. But the gamble paid off, and McKie’s focus towards a sharp edit makes perfect use of every beat and chord in Faker’s music, the melody pulsating alongside the visuals like a heartbeat to the narrative being told.