David Lynch is known for creating complex worlds, so in his bottle design for Dom Pérignon the director reinvented the look of the iconic Vintage 2003 and Rosé 2000 bottles to accompany what he says is a unique and complicated taste. According to Lynch in the Luke Gilford directed David Lynch’s Champagne Dreams, Dom Pérignon is “not just bubbling wine, but it is nature and man working together,” which is something he says he wanted to translate into his design.

Gilford presents Lynch talking about the wonders of  Dom Pérignon at the party for the presentation of the bottle design in Lynchian surrealist style. The video features non-sequitur shots of the performers, the decorations, the bottle and Lynch himself. Lynch, says that “Dom Pérignon is different,” and he wanted to give drinkers a modern looking bottle that was born out of big ideas and is inspired from the drink’s past history. In his design, Lynch takes his filmmaker aesthetics and translates them into a champagne bottle that is unexpected, wonderful and dark, just like many of his past creations.