‘Deerhoof vs. Evil,’ the tenth studio album from the group Pitchfork dubbed ‘best band’ Deerhoof is nothing short of cinematic, and the video for Secret Mobilization is an adventure within the twists and turns of the current four-piece’s decade defining brand of experimental art indie rock.

Director Ewan MacLeod told Rolling Stone;

“The song is energized and filmic. Lyrically, it’s cryptic, but the opening bass line is absolutely a traveling one, a call to action. Anyway the video is built around a possible future, how to make a quick buck from catching and selling mutants. It’s like a cross between a scene from Tarantino’s Deathproof and the Muppets.”

MacLeod takes the viewer on an adventure of driving, hunting and scavenging through the creepy, otherworldly desert, and while it might seem like the opening sequence to a typical B-grade horror movie, the melodic nature of the song encapsulates a sense of calmness.  The almost country-esque riff mixed with lead singer Satomi Matsuzaki’s high pitched Japanese girl pop vocal and soundscape fuzzing and glitching is all integral to what makes Deerhoof so enchanting and weird.