Since South African hip-hop band Die Antwoord started back in 2008, they haven’t stopped on their journey to surprise everyone, and this time is no different. They have just released the teaser trailer for their new single I Fink U Freeky as a small preview of what is to come in their full album ‘TEN$ION’.

Wether you are into their “Zef meets Rave meets Futuristic meets Hip-Hop style” or not, the truth is this band sure leaves no one indifferent. They like to provoke, but not just for the sake of it. This provocative and very personal approach to everything they do. They had Harmony Korine working with them on a short film, they write their lyrics in Afrikaans and they sure know how to use internet to promote their music.

Their debut album ‘$O$’ was made available as a free download on their official website and before their upcoming album, they are releasing teaser trailers for some of their songs. I Fink U Freeky is just one of them. The video follows the album art style and features band member Ninja as a twisted horn devil-like creature and Yo-Landi Vi$$er as very disturbing heart-eating creature.

According to Ninja, this video promotion is part of a five album plan.

We’ll be dropping films between each of the albums, feature films…We have one we’re working on for next year called The Answer. It’s like the story of how Die Antwoord started.

‘TEN$ION’ will be released on February 7th 2012 with their own new label called ZEF RECORDZ. It will only be available in digital form and on flash drives because, according to them, “CDs are like motherfucking VHS.”