We’re continuing our love affair with the Dirty Projectors. Sue us.

But considering that the last Dirty Projectors album was close to three years ago, we are going to milk this one for all its worth!

Swing Lo Magellan is the Projectors’ sixth studio album and it has already been hailed as the band’s best musical effort in their decade long musical career. The third single, “About To Die”, is delicate, intricate and infectious, and it comes to you today freshly accompanied with this beautifully created video clip. The clip is a simplified version of Hi Custodian, a short film directed and written by Dirty Projectors’ own David Longstreth.

The video takes you on a journey through time and location, where Longstreth is… about to die; but positioned with stunning locations and cleverly costumed characters. These all then culminate in the end with a group shot which beckons you to watch Hi Custodian again just so you can remember how everyone fits into the scene.

“About To Die” is so uniquely Longstreth, that it should be no surprise that both the song and clip were written, produced and directed by the talented New Yorker. And it is to the Projectors’ credit that they can make the topic of death and rebirth sound beautiful yet quirky.